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About Sof Tib

We are natural and Halal cosmetics company based in Uzbekistan and we produce our products from Halal ingredient and deliver in Halal conditions.

Our Motto: "We challange you to natural cosmetics!"

  • We don't use animal fat.
  • We don't use chemicals.
  • We don't use even colors in order to be natural.
  • To keep it more useful we practice warm process, not hot process.
  • We don't decorate our products with certificial colors or
  • We produce our products by hand-made way in order to keep natural features,
  • To raise your mood, to brighten your soul and to keep your spirit up
  • we use the more pleasant Natural Scents.
  • We prefer Human Benefits to earnings, when these two combines
  • we hope to be benefited in both worlds.

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    +998 97 336 77 50

  • Address

    Uzbekistan Republic, Namangan district, Uchqorgon town



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