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Alif2Yaa is inspired by young readers at heart! We started Alif2Yaa in 2016 as a vision to make Arabic fun, appealing and engaging for children. Our aim is to offer products to help instill love for the Arabic language and to connect children to the language of the Quran. We are a one-stop resource shop for all Arabic learning products. We provide a wide selection of educational games, toys and books geared to various reading levels.

Choosing books at the right reading level will help your child improve their literacy skills and learn to enjoy reading books in Arabic. Books that are too challenging may discourage the reader from reading Arabic books. At the same time, books that are too easy will not provide enough opportunity for language development and growth. Alif2Yaa recognizes the challenges our children face when it comes to learning the Arabic language and we have made selecting reading books easy for our readers. Hence, our books are categorized by a child's reading level rather than age to best meet their reading needs.

Our products represent our dedication to encouraging and promoting Arabic literacy. Whether you are learning Arabic, mastering the art of Arabic grammar, or simply enjoy reading fabulous children story books in Arabic, we have something in mind for everyone! Alif2Yaa books are among the finest in quality, print and illustration which makes reading an invaluable experience for all readers!

We aim to encourage, inspire, foster growth and love of the Arabic language for all those who come across Alif2Yaa! We are based in Toronto, Canada and ship worldwide! Spreading joy from Alif to Yaa!


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