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DiNatura is a natural skincare brand from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We began our operations in 2019. DiNatura was born due to passion for natural ingredients and beauty, and after realizing growing trend for such products in worldwide markets. After extensive research in the fields of natural ingredients and skincare, and interest in what makes or breaks beauty brands we came up with DiNatura – with impeccable design and the desire to offer unique, visually appealing and most importantly natural skincare products.

The core of our brand's philosophy, in addition to promoting healthy lifestyle, are transparency and outstanding customer service. Therefore, all of the ingredients are clearly listed on the backside of each product, in accordance with the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) rules. INCI rules are essential for consumer safety as they facilitate the understanding of product composition and affect decision making process of the buyer. We want our buyers to be sure that the product they intend to purchase from us is truly a natural product. All certification is available for international markets upon request.
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Products Quality

DiNatura offers first-class natural products that demonstrate all the healing power of nature and promote a healthy lifestyle. Whenever it was possible, we made our products entirely synthetic free and we label such products with "100% natural". We believe that the high quality of the products, made of nothing except the finest natural ingredients, justifies their prices.

We purchase high quality natural ingredients exclusively from trustworthy suppliers. We pay great attention to their proper storage in order to preserve all of their healing and beautifying properties, so that we could transfer them to our products.



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