About Mashaer Travel

Mashaer Travel is a division of Caravan Travel, created for the sole purpose of providing the same standard of service but with you budget in mind. You work hard, and we want to find you the most economical packages without sacrificing good service or quality. Each and every one of our trips is tailored to your needs and will leave you with an experience of a lifetime.

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Airline Ticket Worldwide

Whether you are traveling on a spiritual journey, a business trip, or leisure, Mashaer Travel will get you there with the most affordable options available.

Hotel Reservations Worldwide

Find your home away from home using our hotel reservation services.

Visa Services

Relax and let us handle the paperwork. Visas for any country including the Middle East, China, Europe and Africa

Passport Services

Don't let passport expiration get in the way of your trip. Let us take care of your renewals, extra pages, and new passports.

Nationwide Limo Service

Whether it's from Home to Airport, Airport to Airport, or Airport to Home, we'll take you there in style and comfort.

Translation Service

Language barrier? We will translate documents and legalization from any embassy in the world.


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