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About Azon Travel

Azon Travel is a Halal tourism agency aiming at catering to the faith based needs of Muslim travellers around the world and introducing Islamic treasures of Uzbekistan to the whole Ummah.

Our aim is to serve the Ummah, according to Sunnah, with pure intentions to be beneficial for the whole Ummah, Azon Travel came up to the Touristic World in 2018.

Although Azan, Islamic call to prayer, consists of few words, it covers the essentials of faith, expresses Islamic practices, and is a form of worship. It is made at the beginning of each prescribed prayers time, and should be made by the man who can perform it in the best way possible.

Azon.uz is a project aimed to call people to faith and goodness, to peace and mercy. All started by an analytical portal called Azon.uz, the founder of which is respectful Ulama (Islamic teacher) from Uzbekistan, Mubashshir Ahmad, a student of Worldwide popular Uzbek Ulama, Shaikh Muhammad Sadik Muhammad Yusuf.

Later on Azon.uz became wider and started new projects, including online radio (Azon FM) and television (Azon TV). Аnd now, a travel agency is at your service.

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All services are Muslim-Friendly

Provides with all necessary facilities for a Muslim-tourist: Halal restaurants, halal food and restaurants and prayer facilities

Well-guided tours

English speaking guides with good Islamic insight

Convenient transport services

Booking air-lines tickets, buses, trains, double-buses and cars


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+99891 688-19-11


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    2 Qatartal 2nd Street Tashkent, 100096 Uzbekistan



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