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Maniagro Argentina began to take shape in 1985, inspired by the values and the workforce of the Cavigliasso family. Under these basic guidelines, the company has become one of the most important in our country in peanutproduction. Currently, the national and international recognition of our company rests on the extensive experience in agricultural production of Daniel Cavigliasso, its President since 2009, and a group of highly trained professionals in each of the production areas.

Maniagro Argentina is an agricultural company primarily engaged to the production, gathering, sorting and exporting peanuts. Ensuring the quality of the raw material is our priority, so we do a vertically integrated production, that goes from the development of seed to export of the processed product.

The General Administration of Maniagro Argentina functions in offices located in General Cabrera, while the industrialization of peanuts has its center in Carnerillo, both towns located in the southcentral Cordoba. Also, the collection of grains and oilseeds is carried out in General Cabrera.

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    Commercial department: Las Heras 1250. C.P 5809 General Cabrera, Córdoba, Argentina.

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