In 1991, the USSR collapsed and decades of state policy of atheism ended. The Muslims of the new Russia were given the opportunity to freely observe the norms of Islam. The increase in the number of practicing Muslims among the indigenous population of Russia, the move to Central Russia of Muslims from the republics of the North Caucasus, mass labor migration of the Muslim population from Central Asia to Russian cities have led to the need to produce a large amount of Halal products.

This period was characterized by an almost uncontrolled production of Halal products at individual enterprises in Russia, the appearance of counterfeit products on the market, which caused discontent among Muslims.

After numerous appeals from believers, the Council of Muftis of Russia in March 2002 appealed to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation with a request to protect the interests of Muslim consumers at the legislative level. On behalf of V.V. Putin, a meeting was held with the participation of representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Council of Muftis of Russia, a number of ministries and all-Russian scientific research institutes. As a result of the meeting, the Council of Muftis of Russia was instructed to develop a document defining the basic requirements for the production of Halal. The beginning of the development of the Halal industry in Russia coincided with the adoption by the state of federal regulatory laws and regulations. So, in 2002, the Federal Law "On Technical Regulation" No. 184 of December 27, 2002 was adopted, the Codex Alimentarius was put into effect, approved by the UN International Commission of FAO / WHO for the Implementation of a Code of Standards and Regulations for Food Products, which includes two standards: a) general guidelines on product claims CAC / GL 1-1979; b) General guidelines for the use of the Arabic term "HALAL" ("Permitted") CAC / GL 24-1997.

In 2002, by order of the Mufti Sheikh Ravil-khazrat Gainutdin, the "Halal" department was created in the structure of the Council of Muftis of Russia, whose scientists and specialists in 2003 developed and put into effect the organization's standard, the first in the history of Russia and the CIS, "Regulations on the organization production, trade, control over the production and trade of products permitted for consumption by Muslims - "HALAL-PPT-SMR". Over the next 10 years, it was possible to create a regulatory framework for the development of the Halal industry: the third edition of the HALAL-PPT-SMR standard of the Council of Muftis of Russia, approved on April 20, 2011, was put into effect and a voluntary certification system according to the canons was registered in Rosstandart on December 16, 2011 Islam - Halal System.

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Goals & Objectives

The activities of our organization are aimed at achieving the following goals:

• improving the quality and competitiveness of products manufactured by Russian organizations and enterprises and the services they provide that meet the requirements of the canons of Islam;
• development of the Halal industry as a direction of the economic sector based on high moral standards;
• creating conditions for the activities of organizations and enterprises in the Russian Halal market, as well as their participation in international trade as equal partners;
• ensuring integration into international systems of standardization and certification "Halal" and close cooperation with international centers for certification of products and services in accordance with Islamic norms.

The achievement of the goals will be facilitated by the implementation of the following tasks:

• stimulating the production of high quality Halal products in order to increase the competitiveness of national producers and accelerate the entry of domestic products to foreign sales markets;
• assistance to organizations and enterprises in carrying out measures to prepare them for certification in accordance with the requirements of the canons of Islam;
• ensuring that the "Halal" certification procedure is carried out for manufacturers of products and service providers in strict accordance with the requirements of the developed standards;
• confirmation of the conformity of the quality of the products and services rendered to the requirements of the norms of the Islamic religion contained in the "Halal" standards of the Council of Muftis of Russia;
• implementation of constant control and supervision over the quality of products manufactured by enterprises, provided by service providers and their observance of "Halal" standards of the Council of Muftis of Russia;
• informing consumers together with the media about the need to demand from the seller reliable information about the true origin of religious goods, the conditions of its production and control by a specific religious organization;
• rendering assistance to purchasers (consumers) in a competent choice of products and services that meet the requirements of the canons of Islam, and to protect their interests from unscrupulous manufacturers (service providers) and certification organizations, in order to prevent the facts of their deception and misleading about the product or its manufacturer, and service provider.


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