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"In the Name of Allah, The Most beneficent, The Most Merciful"

In the following presentation we would like to bring you closer to our work for the purpose of the development of the halal industry from Argentina to the islamic market. We pray to Allah swt to guide us in our daily work and find us together with the halal certification bodies worldwide for the conscious of halal concept as a way of life"Welcome to The Halal Catering Argentina. -
Gustavo Ernesto Khalil Kabalan

Story of The Halal Catering Argentina HCB

The Halal Catering Argentina (THCA) is an Islamic Family Organization dedicated to Halal Certification services in compliance with the Islamic Shariah and The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) since more than 60 years of experience.The activity started when Mr. Kabalan Khalil (May Allah his soul rest in peace) created a Halal Department & staff in charge of slaughtering, supervision and certification at that time.THCA was born after the need to supply halal food to Argentina and to the islamic societies that needed food products, as Argentina is very well known because of its nature, rich soil provided by Allah swt. The engagement of Mr. Kabalan for the development of the religion of Islam in each house of muslims in Argentina and the consume of halal food for each of them even there were a few muslims at the beginning of the decades of Argentina. With the Grace of Almighty (swt) today, work continues in the hands of his son Gustavo Khalil and his grandchildrens, who along with a human staff: of Shariah advisors, Muslim auditors, slaughtering inspectors, technical experts qualified to carry out the halal issues in Argentine Republic.The purpose is to comply with the Halal rite in all productive stages and logistic, covering Halal quality control from raw material till the Muslim consumer receives the product in his hands with our Halal Certificate, contributing to the muslim consumers as a guarantee of the Argentinean and Latin American halal products.

"O ye who believe! Eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is (indeed) He whom ye worship." - The Noble Qur'an (2:172)


Halal Certification Of Plants & Products.

Monitoring And Supervision Of Halal –Slaughtering Halal & Islamic Trainings


Contact Number

(005411)4505 0703


Organization Structure

  • Certification & Operation Center
  • Islamic Affairs - Shariah Department
  • International Relations Department & Islamic Arab Protocol
  • Administration & Human Resources Department
  • Training Department
  • Muslim Halal Auditors Staff
  • External Staff Technical Experts
  • Documentation Center

Board Of Directors

Gustavo Ernesto Khalil Kabalan

Gustavo Ernesto Khalil Kabalan

Founder & Director

Ismael Omar Khalil Kabalan

Certification & Operation Center Department Halal Certification Decision. Halal Auditor

Nadima S. A. Khalil

Certification & Operation Center Department Halal Certification Decision. Halal Auditor.Advisor on Halal Procedures

Amal Khalil Kabalan

Responsable on International Relationship Department and Asesor of Islamic – Arab Protocol
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To Talk To Our Executives

  • Email

    amal@halalcertificationarg.com / thca@halalcertificationarg.com

  • Phone

    (005411)4505 0703

  • Address

    Mercedes 3801, Floor 4th Bs. As. - Argentina, Zip Code 1419

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