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The home of AMMANI is situated in Thuraiyur (once called Duraiyur ruled by Durai's and Zamindar's) which is surrounded by nature's gifted green hills, kolli hills, perumal hills, evergreen villages and vast agricultural lands irrigated by Kollidam and Cauvery rivers where our seeds (ingredients) come from.

Inspired by the Anatomic Therapy principles of Mr Healer Basker, AMMANI was established. It was a great honour for us that AMMANI was inaugrated by the Anatomic Therapy Foundation Mr Healer Basker.

AMMANI's Wood Pressed Mara Chekku Oil ( Naattu Mara Chekku Oil ) is extracted by the traditional method in which a long cylindrical contraption called 'Ghani'(Nattu Mara Chekku) is used to grind the seeds as our Ancestors did.This technique is called "cold pressing the oil" out of the seed which does not involve the generation of heat. Hence, room temperature is maintained and it can be achieved only if traditional wooden churner (Nattu Mara Chekku) is used and extracted by a slow mechanical process. Since the oil is not heated, it retains all the natural micronutrients, vitamins, flavor, color and texture. The remains of the seed is used as fodder for the cattle.

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