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In accordance with its works and mission, the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina launched a project of formation of the Agency for Halal Quality Certification in order to establish in Bosnia and Herzegovina a system that would allow manufacturers to certify their production processes and products and placed them on the market labeled as "halal". In pursuance of this intention, Riyasat of BiH has engaged experts from different scientific orientations, from the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Agriculture, Veterinary, Medical and Technological University, in order to develop a project which will fulfill compliance with Islamic principles of halal and haram through application of the latest scientific achievements and complied with international requirements in the field of standardization.

The product of their work is development of the fundamental laws of the Agency, which form a legal basis for carrying out the certification process and control of the quality requirements for halal certification in the period of validity. The development is taken into account that these acts are in compliance with other world-recognized standards such as ISO and Codex Alimentarius HACCAP.

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