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Ethis is the world's first Shariah-Compliant Property Crowdfunding Platform.

Ethis Malaysia is an equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform, approved by Securities Commission Malaysia under the Recognised Market Operator framework. Essentially the platform serves as a digital stock exchange with end-to-end capability to onboard, list and trade rights issues (ordinary and preference shares) of Malaysian companies.

Invest, Donate or Raise Funds. Participate in our global movement for change. Impact Investment. Participatory Project Financing. Effective Charity. We are Ethis.

The platform will cater to global investors with varied risk appetites and funding capabilities. Ethis Malaysia is part of the Ethis global brand which operates other digital platforms such as Ethis Indonesia (P2P and property financing), Ethis Dubai (UAE property crowdfunding) and a charity/zakat/waqf marketplace called Global Sadaqah.

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Licensed Property Crowdfunding in Indonesia

Award-winning impact investment platform. Make healthy profits while building homes for low-income families. Investors from 65 countries have built more than 8,000 affordable houses since 2016. Property Crowdfunding in Indonesia.

Licensed Equity Crowdfunding in Malaysia

Participate in equity project financing by investing directly into companies and SPVs. Almost anyone can now access institutional-grade private equity deals, fractional property investment and Waqf projects.

Licensed Property Crowdfunding in Dubai

Dubai's first and only investment platform in under-construction projects. Build a portfolio in the property capital of the Middle-east and make profits like a property developer with asset-backed investments.

Charity Crowdfunding Around the World

Global platform for effective charity and Islamic social finance. Give Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf online to credible charities and social enterprises alongside corporates and high-networth individuals.

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