About Igo Holistic

We work with principles and flexibility. We ensure the best and most suitable form of holistic approach, that has no side effects , no extravagance or whatsoever. We want our users to experience the purity in its best form where our sources are rooted to their original and truest evidence. We want to bring forth the innate nature of mind , body and soul helping them function naturally.

Our Values
We have our roots from Adam (a.s), the oldest time in history, where no technology prevailed. Our main inspiration is the from revelation (Qur'an) and the Sunnah which is applicable even in today's times and beyond. We work with principles and adapt our way through,keeping our values in check periodically. We critically analyze our approach to maintain the balance of laws of the world and beyond.
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Go Holistic?


Affordability is a major concern for organic products.


People lack knowledge about natural living and often underestimate its benefits, we are used to the easy way out.


Women's health is one of the biggest concerns in UAE, as the rate of infertility, obesity is increasing the hospital costs are hitting the roof. Prevention works only about with 5% of the population and the cure is only available in the form of stacking bills.


We need to make holistic living a way of life, it is the way that our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ because he practiced, healthy eating, healthy communication, healthy mindset and having healthy relationships with his family and community as whole.


Meet Our Experts

Dr. Tehsin

Ayurvedic Consultant

Sr. Umm Afraz

Life Coach, BA(Psy), BMAIS, MAIS (present)

Dr Naz, Bsc PhD

Integrative Therapy Coach and Counselor

Anam Kalsekar

Nutrition & Public Health

Sr. Reshmi Fathima

MSc./ M.L, Advocate & Psychologist

Nisreen Nemer

Breastfeeding Counselor, Lactation Specialist & AMANI ChildBirth Educator

Lutfah Khalid, Doula

Child Birth Educator


Health Capita

"Fit to Work", Fit to Travel" and "Fit to do Business".


At BeFit4Akhirah, women will be inspired, motivated, and dedicated to getting active, staying fit, and being strong with a purpose.


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