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From iHalalExpo 2020

Workshops & Seminars at iHalalExpo will be conducted by respective subject matter experts in collaboration with iHalalConference.

All workshops & seminars were conducted Free of cost and open to public.

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14th September 2020:

Halal & Sustainability – Why We Matter? View Presentation

The Role of Global Halal Ecosystem in Support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. View Presentation

Introduction To The Position Of States & NGOs In Halal Certification. View Presentation

15th September 2020:

Pitfalls In Halal Supply Chain. View Presentation

Risk Management For Halal Industry. View Presentation

16th September 2020:

Management & Leadership In Islam. View Presentation

Halal & Non-Halal Ingredients In Consumer Products. View Presentation

17th September 2020:

KwaZulu Natal Halal Initiative – Trade & Investment Kwazulu Natal. View Presentation

18th September 2020:

Halal Certification In South Africa – Beef & Lamb Abattoirs. View Presentation

Ethics & Sustainability For Halal Industry. View Presentation

19th September 2020:

Holistic Healing & Living. View Presentation

The Role Of Islamic Media In The Halal Lifestyle Space. View Presentation

Islamic Finance For Halal Industry. View Presentation

Halal Healthcare. View Presentation

20th September 2020:

South Africa & Halal Certification. View Presentation

Export Opportunities for South African Halal Food Products in Africa. View Presentation

Opportunities For Halal Industry In Africa. View Presentation

7th November 2020:

Difference Between Various International Halal Standards. View Presentation

8th November 2020:

Requirements To Export Food Products To Arabic Gulf Countries. View Presentation

9th November 2020:

Requirements To Export Food Products To Malaysia. View Presentation

17th November 2020:

How To Do Halal Business In & Through Dubai, UAE. Register

21th November 2020:

Halal Startup Support Launch.

25th November 2020:

Halal Certification From The Perspective Of Argentina & A Call To Protect Halal Consumers. Register

27th November 2020:

iHalal Awards. View